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Onsite setup for lining tanks.

Our Expert &
Cost-Saving Services

Repairing your existing tank can save up to 90% of the installation cost of a new one.

Let WCC Tank Technology put their 50 years of tank expertise to work for you. We use solvent-free coatings and fewer VOCs to ensure long-lasting protection. 

Our services prolong the life of your tank, keeping it pristine and compliant with local regulations and environmental protocols.

We take great pride in our workmanship and the versatility of our liners.

Our Brand: Poly Lining Systems

Aboveground Tanks

WCC Tank Technology employs a preventative epoxy coating to repair and prevent leaks in tanks used for gas, diesel, chemical, and other compounds.

Poor-quality installation creates gaps in the coating, leaving your tank vulnerable to developing corrosion. WCC Tank Technology has the experience and skills to prepare the steel correctly before installation ensuring that you avoid future problems.

We repair or line:

Corrosion in an underbelly generator tank.


Lining in an underbelly generator tank.


Underground Tanks

With minimal excavation, we can get you back up and running within 48 hours.

We are experts in steel tank linings. Whether you have a singlewall or doublewall underground steel tank that needs lining, WCC Tank Technology has the expertise and equipment to get the job done.

You can also depend on us for comprehensive steel tank repairs. Our tank lining systems are formulated with a blend of polyester resins that fully cure in less than 3 hours. 

The linings are compatible with all modern motor and aviation fuels, providing cleaner fuel and corrosion protection; warrantied for 10 years.

Tank interior with sludge content.


Newly-coated doublewall steel tank.


Fiberglass Tanks

At WCC Tank Technology, we install linings for singlewall and doublewall fiberglass tanks.

We can upgrade your fiberglass tank to be compatible with the newer diesel fuel additives. If your fiberglass tank warranty has expired, we can get it extended.

Person in protective gear installing fiberglass laminate on corroded area.
Crew member in protective gear sandblasting tank interior.

Tank Maintenance

Don’t wait until your tank leaks and creates costly problems. Protect your investment and prevent leaks with WCC Tank Technology’s preventative maintenance services.

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