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Our Story

WCC Tank Technology was founded in 1972 by brothers Ira Conklin Jr. and William Conklin. The brothers started their careers working for their father, Ira Conklin Sr’s, business, Conklin and Sons, founded in 1939.

The brothers created IDC Tank Lining as a sub-business within Conklin and Sons. As IDC Tank Lining’s success grew, the brothers continued on their own and eventually renamed their company WCC Tank Technology. New generations still carry on the family legacy at WCC Tank Technology.

When you choose to work with WCC Tank Technology, you benefit from an 85-year family legacy of commitment to high-quality service, expertise, and personalized customer relationships.

WCC Tank Technology building with trucks parked in front.
Person in protective gear installing fiberglass laminate in an aboveground storage tank.

About Our Team

Our crews work in teams of three, and are trained in confined space, OSHA 40, and undergo annual 8-hour refresher training. They are also factory-trained in applying Poly Lining Systems coatings.

They utilize confined space equipment and follow safety protocols by wearing required PPE protection clothing.

They are certified in NJ and PA to perform work on UST and AST tanks.

50 years of tank expertise.
A highly skilled team.
10 year workmanship warranty.

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Check out these FAQs. 


Corrosion often starts as a result of the electrons that are being passed between the steel and the substance in storage. A well-installed tank lining, however, will stop this flow of electrons so that corrosion never gets started.

Another cause of corrosion is the growth of bacteria within the storage tank. Microbes can get into the tank in various ways. Once inside, if the conditions are right, the microbes will multiply. Many types of microbes can cause corrosion inside the steel tank. A tank lining can slow or stop this process.

WCC Tank Technology provides a new 10-year warranty with any of its tank lining systems.


WCC Tank Technology installs 20” manways on all underground or horizontal aboveground tanks that we line. Minimum size is a 500-gallon tank. 

Yes, there’s a huge price difference between repairing and lining an aboveground tank than installing a new one.

Yes, it’s much cheaper to repair and line an underground tank than it is to replace one.

Yes. Permit requirements vary greatly between state, local government, building departments, and sometimes fire departments.

Yes, WCC Tank Technology installs a new interior lining system that is tested for all modern fuels and provides a 10-year warranty.

Single wall steel UST is 100 to 125 MILS. A single-wall fiberglass upgrade is 50 to 60 MILS. Double wall tanks are 50 to 60 MILS. All ASTs are 50 to 60 MILS. 

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, tank linings play a crucial role in preventing corrosion, chemical damage, and leaks in storage tanks that contain various liquids, such as water, chemicals, petroleum products, and more. 

Yes, we can. And when your underground or aboveground tank has  a coating you will have less sludge content. 

WCC Tank Technology can  provide a list of experienced contractors based on your location, all of which can assist with your tank lining project.

No, the lining we provide does not change the status of a single-wall tank into a double-wall tank. What it does do is eliminate internal corrosion, the main cause of both single and double-wall tank failure.

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